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Erasable Pen Material

Jan 20, 2017

The use of special inks, and is formed by a special refining process, divided into erasable pen and water erasable gel ink pen, erasable pen (the color slightly lighter than the pen), erasable pens and so on. Writing within a certain time an ordinary rubber wipe clean or stylus, can be repeatedly modified, but some could not be written, has the dual advantages of ballpoint pens and pencils. Its appearance, writing, costs are similar to ordinary ballpoint pens, gel pens, there are different grades and different color pens, can be widely used in writing, painting, drawing, and so on.

Currently on the market there are 2 types of erasable pens: high temperature and tint and Microsphere capsule. Heat is through the use of rubber friction heat and make the color disappeared, but in low temperature and color. Disadvantage is not suitable for long term storage, use less convenient in winter, friction takes a long time to heat up in order to make the color disappears. Microcapsules microspheres wrapped the erasable pen is paint, paper fibers Microsphere particle size is greater than the gap, microspheres pigments can easily be an eraser. Can be stored for long periods will not fade!