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What is Free Ink Water Erasable Marker Pen?

Jun 15, 2018

The first pen appeared

Writing is one of the greatest human skills.The content of writing and the tools of writing perpetuate human culture.The fine cave paintings from the upper paleolithic to the late neolithic are believed to be the origin of the painted text, probably the precursor of Egyptian hieroglyphics.The primitive people were hunting, wandering, running for survival, and had no time for verbal communication.With the domestication of animals and the development of agriculture, they need and have time to improve their writing skills.They link pictures together to express a story or record an event, or as a reminder of future plans.This kind of painting text further simplifies to represent some physical objects, the basic stroke processing becomes more and more popular and easy to understand.


From Egyptian brushes and papyrus to the black fabric marker and paper we use today, ink pens have evolved from writing tools,  fabric marker pen, and writing surfaces.


From the middle ages to the 19th century, the quill was used as a writing tool to record every stage of the European civilization.Almost all literary works (religion, philosophy, literature, history, science, medicine, business and management) rely on the cheap quill.However, the origin and appearance of the first quill is unknown.


With the continuous development of science and technology, water erasable pen has been developed.

 Air erasable pen with sealed pen tube.This ink is four times longer than ordinary ink.

water erasable fabric marking pen is made of special ink, which is refined by special technology. It is divided into erasable ballpoint pen, erasable neutral pen, erasable water pen (the color is slightly lighter than that of water pen), erasable pen and so on.Its handwriting can be wiped clean by common eraser or special pen within a certain period of time, and can be modified repeatedly.Its appearance, writing, the cost is similar to ordinary ball-point pen, gel pen, can have different class, different color pen type, can be widely used in writing, painting, drawing, cross-stitch, quilts, clothing.

Free Ink Water Erasable Marker Pen