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What is a neutral erasable pen?

Mar 20, 2019
Erasable Ball Pen For Students Writing, 5 Colors.jpgNeutral erasable pens have been popular among students since their listing, but there are many types of erasable pens. Here is the basic classification of the erasable pens.

Neutral pens can be easily wiped, and can be divided into erasable and non-erasable pens. The erasable and non-erasable here are mainly said on the ink of the refill.

We can classify as an erasable gel pen, so it can be rubbed and divided into magic pen erasable and rubber erasable.

The magic pen can be wiped: just after a pen refill is written, another pen must be called a magic pen to wipe it off, so that two pens should be used at the same time;Eraser erasable: Just after a refill is written, it can be wiped with a normal eraser. The eraser can be at the tail plug of the pen or another eraser.