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What are the characteristics of the erasable pen?

Apr 12, 2019
Best Frixion Colors Erasable Pens, 6 Colors Set With Eraser.jpgThe erasable pen has been tested by the national environmental protection products and issued a certificate for environmental product testing. The ink is made of natural pigment and pure water as the main raw material. It is safe and environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances. It is the only rewritable environmentally friendly ink that has been tested by environmentally friendly products.

The erasable pen has been further improved on the basis of the imported formula, the color is more vivid, the writing time is longer, the performance is stable, can be written on the whiteboard, on the wall, without impregnation, continuous line; using pure water as the main solvent, No irritating smell, safe and sanitary, in line with international environmental standards, the products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, Singapore and other places.

The erasable pen adopts imported pen head, and it will not be bad for long-term use; one big and one small pen can meet the needs of different writing; there are many functions, which can be used as children's graffiti pen, whiteboard pen, marker pen and clothing leather pen.

The erasable pen can be used repeatedly, and can be used indefinitely. The product has formed a certain scale and momentum, which can meet the various needs of consumers.