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what are erasable pens made of

Jun 14, 2017

                                           what are erasable pens made of              


  Erasable pen ink is a  water-soluble solvent-based, supplemented by polymer film, pigments and other additives and other components produced by the color of ink.

  The  ink and supporting the composition of the pen and board writing tools  can be used for school teaching, office, academic exchange, children's  painting and calligraphy practice and so on. It is characterized by fluent writing, easy to write easy to rub, no dust  pollution, can completely replace the chalk, blackboard. Japan's   electrician was the first to study such products, followed by the Swiss   Cheb Lakkiki company specifically for the ink to study a series of  surface treatment of special pigments, since then, this pen and ink in  many countries have developed and have been the world's education The importance of the sector. The product compared with the traditional chalk, with significant economic and social benefits. Products  meet the Q / BMS01-1996 standard, the use of proof, is the ideal  teaching materials, is a major innovation of traditional teaching  equipment, is a new domestic products.