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The principle of erasable pen

Aug 30, 2019

The principle of erasable pen


The high temperature achromatic erasable pen causes the color to disappear by rubbing with rubber to heat, but it will develop again at low temperature. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long-term preservation, and it is more inconvenient to use in winter. It takes a long time to frictional temperature to make the color disappear.

Microencapsulated erasable pen uses microspheres to encapsulate pigments. The particle size of microspheres is larger than that of paper fibers. The microsphere pigments can be easily erased by erasers. It can be stored for a long time without fading.

In the process of writing, ink forms a layer of erasable paint film on the paper through the tip of the pen, which can erase the ink marks. In a few hours, the ink marks can be erased like pencils by ordinary eraser. The remaining handwriting will not fade when exposed to water and sunshine for a long time. After 48 hours, it will become permanent handwriting that can not be erased and can be maintained for a long time. The appearance and writing of this product are similar to those of other ballpoint pens, with blue, black, red and other colors.

The brush-erasable handwriting gradually disappeared under the fire of the lighter. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, please do not use erasable pens in Securities and important documents such as signatures.

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