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Performance and technical requirements for gel ink

Jan 20, 2017

Gel pen gel ink pens are ballpoint pen products, its written principles and written structures, plus T_32 art with traditional oil pen similar, but by the use of ink performance difference, written with special requirements. Research and development of gel ink is difficult to currently have on Japan and the United States, and Germany, and Korea, gel ink, Japan is the best. Research and development of gel ink is the key: ink formulations; plus 32512 art matching the recipe; ink matches the writing.

First, in formula of development in the, to makes ink has appropriate of stick degrees, and surface tension, and pH value, both ensure pen smooth not leak, and ensure ink of resistance light, and resistance water, and heat, and Hardy, and moisturizing sex, and permeability, while to solution ink of stability, more long time of save and ink not metamorphic, not appeared layered, and precipitation, also to ensure ink of security, nontoxic, no corrosion sex.

Require gel, in addition to taking into account the advantages of oily ballpoint and gel pens, also has the following quality indicators.

The versatility of the ink on top of that, can cooperate more broadly written, achieve better writing quality, in order to facilitate better factory accessory products.

Requires ink should have a corresponding shrinkage and stamp the viscosity of degeneration, longer intermittent performance of ink, tipped his hat to achieve a longer time.

Inks to achieve a certain degree of fineness, amount of clearance below the tee and ball, and has a strong ability to disperse to prevent jams written shadow n writing.

Ink stability is strong, in a certain room temperature to normal writing, ink evenly layered.

There is enough writing length, that is a tube of ink in the machine can draw on a long line.