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Is erasable pen harmful to human body?

Aug 31, 2019

Is erasable pen harmful to human body?

It's not harmful to human body. The erasable pen uses special macromolecule material as ink base material, which is larger than the ink molecule of ordinary neutral pen, so that the carbon is more difficult to be absorbed or infiltrated by paper.

In the process of writing, the ink forms an erasable paint film on the paper, so the handwriting can be erased by ordinary eraser.

Brushes have both advantages and disadvantages. Benefits of erasable pens:

1. Error writing can be erased.

2. Crystal blue pen core, the color of the characters is good.

3. Reduce toxic correction bands and solution.

The disadvantages of erasable pens:

1. The core of the pen has a layer of oil. It must be written before it can write normally.

2. The core of the pen is blue, and the characters written are blue and green.

3. Less Pen Core Content

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