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Is erasable pen added with any substance?

Aug 28, 2019

Is erasable pen added with any substance?

The material is high temperature achromatic and microcapsule.

1. High temperature discoloration, high temperature change is to heat by rubbing rubber to make the color disappear, but in case of low temperature will color. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long-term preservation, and it is more inconvenient to use in winter. It takes a long time to frictional temperature to make the color disappear.

2. Microencapsulated erasable pen uses microspheres to encapsulate pigments. The particle size of microspheres is larger than that of paper fibers. The microsphere pigments can be easily erased by erasers.

Using special ink, refined by special technology, it can be divided into erasable ball pen, erasable neutral pen, erasable water pen (color is slightly lighter than water pen), erasable pen and so on. A liquid that evaporates rapidly and has a certain viscosity.

Erasable Marker Pen