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Gel pen adaptation

Jan 20, 2017

Gel lithium ester is located in the end of the gel, the organic material used to hold the ink tube gel ink. Traditional oily ballpoint pens do not fill lithium ester, because of volatile substances from oily ball-point pen ink on the spot, largely resulting from the solvent ink is thick or dry. And gel infusion gel ink is pigment suspensions of water and alcohols, prolonged exposure to dry air in the solvents evaporate, causing the Ink viscosity cannot be normal to write; in addition, the low viscosity of the ink in the ink tube back in, lithium acetate to prevent ink back role. Lithium acetate should be non-compatible with the neutral ink, clear interface, there is no haze phenomenon, and after installing pen ink tube centrifugation to remove the bubble. Lithium ester for poly organic siloxane compounds, not miscible with water, which is oily, high and low temperature stability, does not freeze at-20 ℃, 80 c does not overflow, evaporation and excellent thixotropic liquid servo. Best lithium acetate gel pen in the case of larger temperature changes, can still maintain good moisture sealed to prevent overflow ink evaporates or turn the clock back; in fast writing, sealing agents can follow up, wall light, until the ink completely.

Neutral varieties currently on the market, according to written minutes, stainless steel, nickel, copper, lead, brass and so on; according to different bead material, can be divided into tungsten carbide ball and modified ceramic ball; according to writing different and bullet, gourd head, needle first. In recent years, neutral pen core ink tube diameter changes is big, appeared has diameter from 2.0mm to 7.0mm Zhijian of different ink tube, diameter larger ink tube perfusion ink volume by original of 0.5G/support increased to 2.0g/support, single support writing length by 400-500m improve to near 2000m, this on written of resistance ink sex and lithium base ester of sealed and with moving performance are proposed has more high of requirements.