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Erasable pen

Mar 05, 2019
Air Erasable Pen for Garment Marking.jpgAs the grades grew, the students started using the pens. However, the pen is not easy to be erased, and it is troublesome to change. Recently, an erasable pen has appeared on the market, and everyone uses an erasable pen to write, so that it can be erased with a common eraser. The erasable pen is divided into an erasable ballpoint pen, an erasable gel pen, a erasable water pen, an erasable pen, and the like. The writing can be cleaned with a normal eraser or a special pen for a certain period of time, and can be repeatedly modified, but some pens cannot be written, and have the dual advantages of a pen and a pencil. Its appearance, writing, and cost are similar to those of ordinary ballpoint pens and gel pens. It can be used in different grades and different colors, and can be widely used for writing, drawing, and drawing.

Since there is an erasable pen, who will buy it? In real life, many places have to use words to describe them. Because the writing of pens is difficult to erase, students, staff, etc. must use erasable pens.

The erasable pen, which uses a special polymer material as the ink base material, is assembled by a special process, and the cost is slightly higher than that of the ordinary pen. It can be wiped off with ordinary rubber or rubber skin, but it cannot be used as a document signature. During the writing process, the ink forms a layer of erasable pigment film on the paper through the tip of the pen, so that the ink can be wiped off. The writing can be wiped off with a common eraser like a pencil within a few hours, and the remaining characters are not watered. It does not fade and can be maintained for a long time. The ink of the erasable pen has various colors such as blue, black and red.