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Eight pitfalls

Jan 20, 2017

Trap: a lot of ball point pen refill is not opaque GB/T4306-92 (GB) requires full ink injection volume, only near the tip of 1-2 ink, some transparent ball point pen refill about 1 cm of the pen near the tip can be written in ink, others write.

Pitfall II: bad ink can not be 0-40 degrees c national standard used within the ambient temperature range, the heat will flow ink; it's cold out again.

Pitfall three: the shelf life of ball-point pen GB for two years, bad ink dry a few months.

Pitfall four: standard ballpoint pen writing angle GB requirement is 47 degrees, bad tip or poor quality of ink can write only when the vertical, slightly oblique pen grip was a bit difficult to write or not write (to hold around 47 degrees, counterclockwise, quick circle is a good method of intuition test ball-point pen).

Pitfall five: ballpoint and gel pens made with plastic, inferior products fixed refill CAP is very easy to slip, buckle and back without contact, bayonet, or glued, touch plastic tension, easy to fall off; hard writing is also very easy to take off. The factory production line almost exclusively paid by the piece, even if there are quality system will not process ended and process testing, quality system exist.

Trap six: gel is a new product, at present no national standards, and due to technical and production of immature, prone to return to coarse, crystalline ink condensation, and so on. Many manufacturers are not smart enough to struggle, in particular the nominal 0.5mm or 0.38mm needle gel pens, most products will be out after 3-5 months.

Trap: the bad ink is written does not flow or write to, but will also have ink or leakages, often look like no problem, but the money was not as after, with many problems. (In and ballpoint pen same of holds pen angle gently to fast painting line, good of products line not intermittent, and not rough not fine, and color shades consistent; again and same of holds pen angle by General writing pressure slowly to painting line, good of products line not product ink (seepage), and slow wrote Shi write no product dot, not rough not fine, and color shades consistent; again and same of holds pen angle by counterclockwise direction, fast playing circle, good of products feel Shun sliding smooth)

Trap VIII: poor-quality gel pen ink problem in addition, and bead using inferior material, the tip of the pipe cavity rough, oil does not follow the elasticity of sealing wax, tip the ball and seal well, and so on, these will be stored for a long time or problems during transport or use.